Luconia / Sarawak Basin

Luconia Basin is located offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

NW-SE seismic profile across Luconia Platform and Mid. Miocene Balingian Delta and rift in deewater. Rectangle shows location of the following seismic line (Source: Thies et al., 2006)

Detail of part of seismic line above, showing listric fault bounding half graben, with rift and post-rift deposit (Source: Thies et al., 2006)

Seismic line showing rift cycles in half graben.

Seismic line CD89-110 (Mulu-1 Tie Line) showing log of Mulu-1 and rift cycles 1 and 2 on horst.

Reference: Structural and Stratigraphic Development of Extensional Basins: A Case Study Offshore Deepwater Sarawak and Northwest Sabah, Malaysia, By: Kenneth Thies, Mansor Ahmad, Hamdan Mohamad, Richard Bischke, Jeffrey Boyer, and Daniel
Tearpock, Search and Discovery Article #10103 (2006)

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